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Ryo Kodomari’s Ceramic work

22,May 2019 Information, News


After staying the ceramics work of Kodomari Ryo receives many inquiries. This time, we would like to introduce the works in stock as of May 15, 2019. (Sunday)

Please contact us by phone if there are any works you are interested in.

We will deliver the product when payment has been received.(Only in Japan)

Contact us: +81-68-72-1523

In addition, when you are purchasing and shipping, the shipping fee and cash on delivery fee will be charged.

Thank you in advance.

・Shipping charge: 648 Yen (Only In Japan)

・Cash on delivery

Maximum 10,000 Yen 324 Yen

More than 10,000 Yen – less than 30,000 Yen   432 Yen

More than 30,000 Yen – less than 100,000 Yen   648 Yen

Works are contained in stock

                   Ceramics Bowl 3,780 yen (per piece)



                   Flower pot A 16,200 yen


                   Flower pot B 27,000 yen


                   Large bowl 21,600 yen


                   Large Bowl (Above)



Kodomari Ryo・Profile

1970 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture

1994 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Art University

2006 Set up a workshop in Nakijin village


HP here

Instagram here

NEWS☆ Shuttle bus to see the Firefly season ☆ Start from end of May

22,May 2019 Activities in Yunogo, Information


Yunogo Onsen has the firefly season at the end of May. We plan to open a service bus to watch the firefly on 23 May (Thursday). Departing from our Ryokan around 8.00 pm to go to the firefly viewing point at the Otanigawa River. We will Parking at the parking area of Mimasaka Municipality which is free to use. From there you can walk a few minutes to go that point.


When you want to use the firefly watching the bus, Please specify your request at the time when you booking. Please kindly acknowledge that if you want to join the firefly watching bus after your dinner, we will suggest you start dinner at 5.30 pm or 6 pm.



During high season, you can see so many of fireflies at the Otanigawa River. Let’s enjoy the real feeling of the beginning of summer with us.


The firefly watching bus schedule

23 May (Thursday) – 12 June 2019 (Wednesday)

19.50   Meeting at the lobby

20.00   Departure

※ When the capacity is reached, we will open the second flight.

※ Reserved only for guests of Kifunosato ryokan.

※ Fireflies may not occur due to weather conditions.


Day Trip Ideas: Kojima Jeans Street

22,Jun 2016 Day Trip Ideas

If you are a denim lover, then you must love this article! Kojima Jeans Street is not like any other shopping district in Japan. The street consist of shops, cafes, and general stores of jeans brands to world-known high quality brands.


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Day Trip Ideas: Tottori Sand Dunes

22,May 2016 Day Trip Ideas

Tottori Sand Dunes (鳥取砂丘, Tottori Sakyu) are located in Tottori Prefecture as a part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park, just outside the city center. They are one of the largest sand dunes in Japan and are the most famous and popular tourist attraction of Tottori. They take around 16 kilometers of coast along the Sea of Japan, and are as wide as two kilometers and as high as 50 meters.


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Activities in Yunogo: Shimoyama’s Green Tea

18,Sep 2015 Activities in Yunogo

Tea has been an important part of Japanese culture for centuries. There are many types of tea, though green tea is probably the most widely known. Visitors to Yunogo who wish to know more about tea and how it is produced may be able to pay a visit to Shimoyama’s Green Tea, and meet proprietor Shimoyama Keijiro for tea and conversation.


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