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Mr. & Mrs. Taylor’s Autumn Tour

06,Feb 2015 Events & Tour

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor spent 3 days with us trying out a range of hands-on traditional activities unique to the northern Okayama area. As experienced travellers in Japan who have also lived here in the past, they chose our tour to go further in their journey to discover lesser-known gems hidden in the Japanese countryside.

Kasuri weaving activity

Mrs. Kashimoto who has a real passion for kimono explained how the threads are dyed in a mathematical way in Sakushu kasuri unique to the Mimasaka area, to reveal a final design. Mrs. Taylor made a placemat in about one hour. Here guests can also purchase handmade cotton fabric woven by Mrs. Kashimoto herself at reasonable prices.




Mrs. Taylor with Mrs. Kashimoto


Sushi-making class with Kifu no Sato senior chef (incl. lunch)

Mr. Nishimoto is one of the youngest yet one of the most creative chefs in the team at Kifu no Sato. The couple spent a leisurely 2-and-half hours making miso soup and three types of sushi using prawn, smoked salmon, dagger-toothed conger, squid, tuna and salmon roe. The chef’s educational talk ranged from the different types of knives to his training days.

Sushi-making with Mr. Nishimoto


Sushi lunch


Pottery activity with Mr. Kyo Isezaki

Mr.Isezaki’s works are known for their classic beauty deeply rooted in the Bizen tradition. Kyo-san guided the couple to make coffee mugs on a potter’s wheel. The guests’ creations were shipped to them after the firing process in the wood kiln.

Pottery making activity with Kyo Isezaki


Visit to a sword maker in Osafune town

Osafune town in Okayama has been renowned for its quality sword production for centuries. Attracted by its style, Mr. Ichijo Kawashima who is a 15th generation maker of swords moved here from Kochi Prefecture. Allowed into a workshop considered “sacred” and to see the forging process is a real treat. The couple learned that a lot of a swordsmith’s work is about forging his spiritual self as much as polishing his technical skills.

Ichijo Kawashima

Introduced in Yaffa Assouline’s Luxuryculture.com

22,Jun 2014 Media

Who, What, Where & Why

Kifu no Sato is an authentic Japanese inn dating back four generations where you can experience the best each season has to offer.

Our mission

To inspire a sense of appreciation for nature through our attention to seasonal changes reflected in every detail of our facility from flower arrangement, food to the paper scrolls displays.   Stir up an inquisitive mind of each traveler to delve deeper into Japanese culture.  Go beyond simply offering comfortable and relaxing stay but to encourage our guests to get their hands on the traditional crafts and meet local people with samurai spirit.   We will stimulate your senses in a myriad of ways until you discover that beauty is your life itself.



Kimono wearing activity

22,Jun 2014 Events & Tour

One of our staff will put the kimono on for you and take a professional photo as a memento of your stay in Japan.  Please book the session in advance.  To find out more about this service, please send us a message.

kimono activity

Introduced in FOUR-The World’s Best Food Magazine

13,Jun 2014 Media

Did you know that, in Japanese, Kifu No Sato means ‘Home of seasonal Melody’?

It is also the name of a traditional, luxury Japanese Inn, tucked away in a rustic hot spring town deep in the mountains between Kyota and Hiroshima, featured in the latest Winter International edition of FOUR-The World’s Best Food Magazine

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