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Summer cuisine and sake pairing☆

18,Jul 2020 Information, News


“Since we are going to enjoy the cuisines here, I want drinks that go well with the food too!”

Because of that, we at Kifu no Sato, have prepared a menu of sakes (Japanese rice wine) that go well with our delicacies to choose from.


By following a certain rule of food and sake pairing, the taste of food and drink will perfectly harmonize with each other, like a match made in heaven, neither the sake nor the cuisine would taste inferior to their counterpart.


At this moment, this pairing technique is being the center of attention in the sake community. For example, by pairing a light-intensity food with mild-flavor sake, or pairing a bold-flavored delicacy with a sake that has a strong taste, will make your mealtime much more enjoyable.


We at Kifu no Sato, carefully and neatly choose local sake of Okayama that would go well with our delicacies, and easy to drink even for someone who is bad with alcoholic beverage by serving one sake cup at a time. With that, we hope you can relish in the bliss of enjoying the sake, together with our luxury feast.


Now, since we are currently serving the summer kaiseki course meal, we also prepared a new menu of pairing that would harmonize with the taste of summer!


Everyone of these is perfect to drink during the meal


Chilled sake, Musashi no sato, pure natural sake Kasumi

Natural sake, Tanaka sake brewery (Mimasaka city)

Homepage: https://www.musashinosato.com/


This is one of the sakes we chose, made by Tanaka sake brewery in Mimasaka city. Its distinctive feature is how mild and pleasant it is to the taste, but at the same time, it also has the characteristic of pure rice sake, in which it is very refreshing to drink.


Not only it goes incredibly well with a strong-tasting steak, but its mild flavor also has a perfect compatibility with the abalone. It goes well with the fresh and vibrant flavor of the sashimi too.



Room temperature sake, Taisho no tsuru, RISING

Special brew natural sake, Ochi sake brewery (Maniwa city)

Homepage: https://i-maniwa.com/area/taishonotsuru/

Natural sake with a strong taste of rice. You can think of it like this, “things I want to eat with rice = things that I want to eat with this sake”. That means this sake can be drunk with almost anything starting from salt-grilled ayu sweetfish to side dishes for eating with alcoholic beverages, it goes well with anything☆ This Taisho no tsuru alcohol percentage is quite low, so it is easy very easy to drink for anyone.



Chilled sake, Gozenshu, Nyoiyama

Natural sake brewed using low temperature, Tsujinhonten (Maniwa city)

Homepage: https://www.gozenshu.co.jp/home.html#!op=1


A sake with high-class aroma, hench why it goes incredibly well with a lightly seasoned summer:s vegetable dish with a simple taste. We chose this sake with the reason that, be it a cold dish or dumpling using summer vegetables, it can provide the taste of harmony with either them.




If you take a liking to any one of these, we also have a normal sake menu for you to choose from. If an opportunity arises, please come and try our pairing menu for summer cuisine!


・Sake pairing 1cup (60 milliliters) ¥550 each

・Musashi no sato, natural pure sake Kasumi 1-go ¥1,650

・Taisho no tsuru, RISING 1-go ¥1,540

・Gozenshu, Nyoiyama 1-go ¥1,870

*1-go is equal to around 180 milliliters



Starting From February 20, Spring Kaiseki Dinner Course ☆ Taste the Spring Fish of Seto and Grilled Mimasaka’s Seasonal Wild Vegetable

14,Mar 2020 News



Starting from February 20th! The Spring Kaiseki dinner course is here☆

『Seto Inland Sea’s Seasonal Fish with grilled seasonal Mimasaka’s wild vegetable』!

Overall, our classic『Standard Seasonal Kaiseki』has a total of 10 dishes for you to enjoy, and that included exclusive wagyu steak on lava stone plate, steamed bamboo, wild plant tempura and more!


【Seasonal Kaiseki  Spring Edition!】Seto Inland Sea’s Seasonal Fish with Grilled seasonal Mimasaka’s wild vegetable Kaiseki


〇Homemade Fruit Wine


〇3 Kinds if Sashimi

〇Steamed Bamboo

〇Seto Inland’s Sea Seasonal Fish with Grilled Seasonal Mimasaka’s Wild Vegetable

〇Exclusive Wagyu Sirloin Steak on Lava Stone Plate

〇Wild Plant Tempura

〇Vinegar Dish

〇Conger Rice With Final Dish of the Course, Pickled Vegetables

〇Homemade Ice-cream, Seasonal Fruit




Here is the highly popular menu course among our female and elderly customers, 『Quality Over Quantity Course』, There will be less meat and fried food, vinegar dish will be replaced with Spanish Mackerel from the nearby Seto Inland Sea. Not only that, you will be able to try an upgraded version of Matsuri Sushi cooked with colorful rice in basket steamer, The Steamed Matsuri Sushi! Please enjoy our course menu fully packed with Okayama-ness☆


Spring’s Quality Over Quantity Course


〇Homemade Fruit Wine


〇3 Kinds if Sashimi

〇Steamed Bamboo

〇Seto Inland’s Sea Seasonal Fish with Grilled Seasonal Mimasaka’s Wild Vegetable

〇Steamed Bun

〇Spanish Mackerel Simmered with Oil

〇Steamed Matsuri Sushi, Pickled Vegetable

〇Homemade Ice-cream, Seasonal Fruit




Finally, Kifu no Sato’s most extravagant kaiseki course, 『Luxury Course』. In this particular course, we added Chiya Beef Steak on Lava Stone Plate, an exclusive brand beef from Niimi, Okayama into the Quality over Quantity menu. Furthermore, our luxurious lineup contained fresh sea urchin and Japanese lobster sashimi that packed a lot of punch too! Please fully enjoy this spring’s dinner course, which can satisfy anyone with its look and taste☆


Spring’s Luxury Course


〇Homemade Fruit Wine


〇5 Kinds if Sashimi

〇Steamed Bamboo

〇Seto Inland’s Sea Seasonal Fish with Grilled Seasonal Mimasaka’s Wild Vegetable

〇Exclusive Chiya Beef Sirloin Steak on Lava Stone Plate

〇Steamed Bun

〇Spanish Mackerel Simmered with Oil

〇Steamed Matsuri Sushi, Pickled Vegetable

〇Homemade Ice-cream, Seasonal Fruit




We are waiting for your visit, together with our service and feast filled with the glorious essence of Spring.


Click here for more info about our cuisine



Only until April 28th! Okayama Station Shuttle bus service’s time extended☆

13,Mar 2020 News


Our winter’s limited special pickup service is popular during this season as well!
Thank you for using our service!

Many of you who have used our service said: “If only there’s this kind of service all year round, that would be so great…”

So, we try to meet that expectation
Even though it’s just only at Okayama Station, but we decided to extend the time of this special service for a longer period of time!

For now, we decided to prolong the service from now until April 28th.
Please use this chance to try our special service☆



『Shuttle Bus for Spring’s pickup service~Okayama Station』
[Operating period]
March 1st, 2020 (Sunday) – April 28th, 2020 (Tuesday)
★Special service, only for Kifu no Sato’s customer・Free of charge but advance reservation is required, up to 20 people★
※Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the pickup date.

Pickup – Leaving Okayama Station West Exit at 13:00, Arriving at Kifu no Sato at 14:30
Drop-off – Leaving Yunogo Onsen at 13:00, Arriving at Okayama Station West Exit at 12:00

※Our pickup bus would not be at the Bus terminal, but at the pickup platform located along the main road instead.
Please check the red marker in the link below for more info.

“Kifu no Sato”, was chosen by the hotel booking website “Relux”,

19,Dec 2019 Information, News



This time, we “Kifu no Sato”, was chosen by the hotel booking website “Relux”, as one of the BEST4 hotel of the year 2019 within the [Sanin・Sanyo region section]! Since we got chosen as BEST3 last year, this means we are consecutively within the top spot for 2 years in a row. This is all because of your patronage; therefore, from the bottom of our heart, we humbly thank you!



From now on as well, from the landlady to every single one of the staff team, all of us shall do our absolute best to serve and to earn your kindness and support.


We, Kifu no Sato, are looking forward to seeing you and being in your care again.

Sea of Clouds Season ☁︎ Notice about UNKAI Terrace bus service ☆

24,Oct 2019 Information, News

Season of UNKAI Terrace (Sea of Clouds) Started!!

You can enjoy the UNKAI Terrace at Oyama Observatory, around 15 minutes by car from Yunogo hot spring town.

At Kifu no Sato we have a bus service at the time that according to the sea of clouds are appearing.


Service period: October 17 (Thursday) to the end of November 2018 (scheduled)

Departure at 06:50 am about 20 minutes to Oyama Observatory, Arrival at KifunoSato in 07:30 am

(In the middle of the November will start late 10 minutes, Depending on the UNKAI terrace (sea of clouds))


Let’s enjoy with UNKAI terrace, the scenery of the autumn, superb view ☆  before your breakfast.

The incidence rate of UNKAI Terrace

End of October, about 40%

(※The probability of appearing may drop due to the warm climate this year.)

Beginning of November, about 50%

End of November, about 60%


UNKAI Terrace (Sea of Clouds) is the Natural Phenomenon.

On a rainy day or a stormy day, the sea of clouds may not be appearing depending on temperature.

For KifunoSato guests only (No charge for 27 people that come first.)

Can join the activity at the time that you booking or check-in.

Please feel free to contact us for details.

TEL: 0868-72-1523(KifunoSato)


Even if you can’t see the UNKAI Terrace (sea of ​​clouds), but you can enjoy the beautiful panorama view of Yuunogo Hot Springs town.

Please enjoy the wonderful scenery at this period time only ☆

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