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Day Trip Ideas: Tottori Sand Dunes

22,May 2016 Day Trip Ideas

Tottori Sand Dunes (鳥取砂丘, Tottori Sakyu) are located in Tottori Prefecture as a part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park, just outside the city center. They are one of the largest sand dunes in Japan and are the most famous and popular tourist attraction of Tottori. They take around 16 kilometers of coast along the Sea of Japan, and are as wide as two kilometers and as high as 50 meters.


The formation of sand dunes take over thousands of years. The sand from the close-by Sendaigawa River was washed out to the sea and, by the ocean’s currents, redeposited along the coast. The persistent movement of waves and tides and the coastal winds continuously shape the sand dunes, creating ever-changing landscapes.


A short walk away from the sand dunes leads to The Sand Museum (砂の美術館). The museum displays amazing gigantic-sized sand sculptures by artists around the world. The exhibitions’ themes change annually, lasting from mid April to early January of the following year. The current exhibition’s theme is South America, lasts from April 16, 2016 to January 3, 2017.



The Tottori Sand Dunes take about 1.30 hr drive from Kifu no Sato.
The Sand Museum opens from 9:00 to 18:00 (last entry 17:30), closed between exhibitions (early January to mid April). The entry fee is 600 JPY per person.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Kifu no Sato.



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