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Summer cuisine and sake pairing☆

18,Jul 2020 Information, News


“Since we are going to enjoy the cuisines here, I want drinks that go well with the food too!”

Because of that, we at Kifu no Sato, have prepared a menu of sakes (Japanese rice wine) that go well with our delicacies to choose from.


By following a certain rule of food and sake pairing, the taste of food and drink will perfectly harmonize with each other, like a match made in heaven, neither the sake nor the cuisine would taste inferior to their counterpart.


At this moment, this pairing technique is being the center of attention in the sake community. For example, by pairing a light-intensity food with mild-flavor sake, or pairing a bold-flavored delicacy with a sake that has a strong taste, will make your mealtime much more enjoyable.


We at Kifu no Sato, carefully and neatly choose local sake of Okayama that would go well with our delicacies, and easy to drink even for someone who is bad with alcoholic beverage by serving one sake cup at a time. With that, we hope you can relish in the bliss of enjoying the sake, together with our luxury feast.


Now, since we are currently serving the summer kaiseki course meal, we also prepared a new menu of pairing that would harmonize with the taste of summer!


Everyone of these is perfect to drink during the meal


Chilled sake, Musashi no sato, pure natural sake Kasumi

Natural sake, Tanaka sake brewery (Mimasaka city)

Homepage: https://www.musashinosato.com/


This is one of the sakes we chose, made by Tanaka sake brewery in Mimasaka city. Its distinctive feature is how mild and pleasant it is to the taste, but at the same time, it also has the characteristic of pure rice sake, in which it is very refreshing to drink.


Not only it goes incredibly well with a strong-tasting steak, but its mild flavor also has a perfect compatibility with the abalone. It goes well with the fresh and vibrant flavor of the sashimi too.



Room temperature sake, Taisho no tsuru, RISING

Special brew natural sake, Ochi sake brewery (Maniwa city)

Homepage: https://i-maniwa.com/area/taishonotsuru/

Natural sake with a strong taste of rice. You can think of it like this, “things I want to eat with rice = things that I want to eat with this sake”. That means this sake can be drunk with almost anything starting from salt-grilled ayu sweetfish to side dishes for eating with alcoholic beverages, it goes well with anything☆ This Taisho no tsuru alcohol percentage is quite low, so it is easy very easy to drink for anyone.



Chilled sake, Gozenshu, Nyoiyama

Natural sake brewed using low temperature, Tsujinhonten (Maniwa city)

Homepage: https://www.gozenshu.co.jp/home.html#!op=1


A sake with high-class aroma, hench why it goes incredibly well with a lightly seasoned summer:s vegetable dish with a simple taste. We chose this sake with the reason that, be it a cold dish or dumpling using summer vegetables, it can provide the taste of harmony with either them.




If you take a liking to any one of these, we also have a normal sake menu for you to choose from. If an opportunity arises, please come and try our pairing menu for summer cuisine!


・Sake pairing 1cup (60 milliliters) ¥550 each

・Musashi no sato, natural pure sake Kasumi 1-go ¥1,650

・Taisho no tsuru, RISING 1-go ¥1,540

・Gozenshu, Nyoiyama 1-go ¥1,870

*1-go is equal to around 180 milliliters



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