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Sea of Clouds Season ☁︎ Notice about UNKAI Terrace bus service ☆

24,Oct 2019 Information, News

Season of UNKAI Terrace (Sea of Clouds) Started!!

You can enjoy the UNKAI Terrace at Oyama Observatory, around 15 minutes by car from Yunogo hot spring town.

At Kifu no Sato we have a bus service at the time that according to the sea of clouds are appearing.


Service period: October 17 (Thursday) to the end of November 2018 (scheduled)

Departure at 06:50 am about 20 minutes to Oyama Observatory, Arrival at KifunoSato in 07:30 am

(In the middle of the November will start late 10 minutes, Depending on the UNKAI terrace (sea of clouds))


Let’s enjoy with UNKAI terrace, the scenery of the autumn, superb view ☆  before your breakfast.

The incidence rate of UNKAI Terrace

End of October, about 40%

(※The probability of appearing may drop due to the warm climate this year.)

Beginning of November, about 50%

End of November, about 60%


UNKAI Terrace (Sea of Clouds) is the Natural Phenomenon.

On a rainy day or a stormy day, the sea of clouds may not be appearing depending on temperature.

For KifunoSato guests only (No charge for 27 people that come first.)

Can join the activity at the time that you booking or check-in.

Please feel free to contact us for details.

TEL: 0868-72-1523(KifunoSato)


Even if you can’t see the UNKAI Terrace (sea of ​​clouds), but you can enjoy the beautiful panorama view of Yuunogo Hot Springs town.

Please enjoy the wonderful scenery at this period time only ☆

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