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Our website of A & C Co., Ltd. has been released.

22,Aug 2019 Information


In April 2018, Yunogo Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. that operated by Kifu no Sato has changed the company name to A & C Co., Ltd., and has developed a variety of business, including Ryokan and Accommodation business, restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka and Travel business that based in Okayama – Thailand.


A&C short from Art&communication. Art means the creation of various things. and Communication means delivering that thing to people. So, we would like to send the important things to important people with this service mind for operate accomodation  facilities, restaurant and tour company


Since the business was started as “TAKE NO YA Japanese-style hotel” at the place by Yunogo in 1933, we received patronage for everybody during 86 years. We think that we’d like to challenge a new thing variously now, while making the history followed from the late head of the family and the tradition important. Thank you for your support to Kifu no Sato ryokan and A & C Corporation.


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