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Situated in a mountainous area halfway between the Inner Sea and the Sea of Japan,
we are able to offer fresh and seasonal produce from many locations in our meal courses.
We pride ourselves in providing the best that Okayama has to offer.

We try to express the seasonal beauty of nature in Japan in every one of our dishes, prepared by our head chef with over 40 years of experience. Kifu no Sato offers various kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine, prearranged full course meal) courses. Incorporating carefully chosen local produce, its exquisite presentation of finely balanced seasonal ingredients will visually delight while satisfying the most discerning palate. The luxurious “Zei no Gozen” kaiseki course features lobster sashimi and tender local premium beef promising our guests an unforgettable gourmet experience on their Japan tour.

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As the snow starts to melt, wild mountain vegetables such as butterbur(fukinoto) push their way out heralding the arrival of long- awaited spring. They are considered a delicacy as we can “taste” the spring. They will be featured in many of our dishes during this season.


The green of the surrounding mountains becomes lush.Many visitors go hiking to enjoy the refreshing cool air.
We strive to create the same atmosphere with our meals.Some of the dishes are served in ice bowls.

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Widely known kobe beef has its roots in Okayama’s Chiya beef. It is called the “legendary premium beef” because of its quality and rarity.
Wild mushrooms and chestnuts are prominent dishes in this season.


Crabs and fugu (blowfish) are taken from the Sea of Japan.
Fugu is popular because it has less of a “fishy” and more of a “meaty” texture and quality.

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*Okayama Chiya beef is not limited to autumn only.The Chiya beef steak kaiseki course is available throughout the year.
*Vegetarian meals are also available. However, it is helpful to inform us in advance of any specific dietary requirements as many Japanese dishes use tuna or meat stock.
  • book for the standard seasonal kaiseki course
  • book for the luxurious zei no gozen kaiseki course
  • book for the chiya beef steak kaiseki course

Yama boshi / dining hall

Although meals can be taken in one of our dining halls (non-smoking), they may also be enjoyed in all suites and rooms except for the Japanese-style twin rooms with western beds. If you wish for this service (2,160 yen per person), please inform us in advance.

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