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5 reasons
to stay at Kifu no Sato, the home of seasonal melodies

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A vivid appreciation of the seasons

All aspects of traditional Japanese culture derive inspiration from the respect and appreciation for the unique qualities each season brings. The seasonal flowers and food at our ryokan set the scene for your authentic Japanese experience. With the change of each season, so the menu changes to reflect the best that Okayama has to offer in fruit, vegetables and speciality fare.


A chance to taste some of our long-treasured Japanese traditions at their best.

It is rare to find a ryokan with tatami mats spread throughout the entire facility including the elevators. They are made of woven soft rush straws and walking on them without shoes is said to give gentle stimulation to the pressure points of the feet keeping you healthy and relaxed. To freshen up after a long journey, you can dip into one of our open-air onsen while admiring the garden in the daytime or under the stars at night.

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The comfort of our guests is our priority

With comfort in mind, we offer an exclusive selection of amenities such as a “pillow menu” (to suit your sleeping needs), robes, massage/health treatment, and all our furniture, Bizen pottery and glassware are produced by local artisans.


Ideal location for visiting many must-see spots and full of hands-on experience

Yunogo is central to a wide selection of places of interest, where one can learn about and experience traditional crafts such as pottery and carpentry, visit art galleries and museums, and witness and try your hand at a "samurai" martial art.

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Samurai culture

Whereas Kyoto is known as the cultural and spiritual centre of Japan, Okayama can lay claim to strong association with traditional samurai culture, thanks to its history of sword making in Osafune Town and prominent historical figures such as Miyamoto Musashi.

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