Welcome to Kifu no Sato

Kifu no Sato is an unusual name for a ryokan as the literal meaning is
“the home of seasonal melody.”
It suggests that this is your home away from home when you step through our doors.

Kifu no Sato is an authentic Japanese inn dating back four generations where you can experience the best each season has to offer and all five senses are engaged and enchanted.

The ryokan is situated in Yunogo Town which is part of Mimasaka City (birthplace of the samurai Miyamoto Musashi) in the north of Okayama Prefecture, western Japan. Yunogo is a traditional onsen (natural hot spring) area which has been enjoyed for its invigorating waters for more than 1200 years.

As you enter the spacious main foyer, walking on tatami mats in your stockinged feet, you will receive a warm welcome to commence your stay.


The original ryokan Take no Ya (Bamboo Inn) was founded in 1933. The founder, Takeshi Sasaki, was known around the town for his passion for flowers, often sharing his freshly cut blooms with his neighbours. The founder’s appreciation for wild blossoms vibrantly lives on in the renovated building with delightfully arranged colours catching you by surprise in every hidden corner of the inn. Kifu no Sato received the Universal Design Award and the Cabinet Office Minister’s Award for Excellence in 2011.