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The “hobbit” restaurant

19,Jan 2014 Reviews

I was floored, quite literally! After a hectic week in Kyoto we arrived somewhat frazzled and just impatient to get to our room. But the moment I walked into the lobby sans shoes(!) on the tatami floor, I felt really relieved. The peaceful atmosphere with all the gorgeous artwork and flower arrangements, the outdoor hot spring bath, delicious sushi, and kind staff all made for one of our most memorable stays at a Japanese ryokan. I could have been dreaming when I sat in the sunshine streaming though large windows overlooking the beautiful garden, then looked up to see a pair of hawks circling gracefully in the sky – but I wasn’t. I was living the dream. Highly recommend, hands down.? AND, be sure to go to the “hobbit” restaurant (aka Mitaki-En) hidden away in the mountains for the most enchanting lunch and authentic countryside experience ever. Indoor fireplaces/hearths sunken into the floor, massive tables made from a single slice of tree trunk, moss and flower covered thatched roofs, persimmons strung up in long rows set out to dry… Need I say more? ?(One female traveler from USA)


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