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Activities in Yunogo: Oyama Viewpoint

07,Sep 2015 Activities in Yunogo


Mountains provide an excellent vantage point from which to observe the changing of the seasons. Where better to observe the reds and oranges of autumn foliage creeping into the still-present summer landscape, than from a viewpoint at the top of a mountain?


Oyama is a mountain bordering Yunogo city. Standing at a height of 342.5m, it offers a fantastic panoramic view of Yunogo and its environs. A signboard in Japanese helpfully supplies the names and locations of all the sights that can be seen on a clear day.


If you follow the walking path, you will find an observation point which you can climb up, to get an even better view. Standing at the highest point accessible by walking and looking out over Yunogo and the surrounding scenery: the towering mountains framing the cities on all sides; the few-storied buildings dwarfed by the spread of tall greenery, one has a sense of the magnificence of nature.


On certain days, it is also possible to see a special phenomenon, Unkai (雲海 – sea of clouds). The clouds form an ethereal blanket of almost-white fluff over the area below; covering it apart from the peaks of mountains peeking out in places, giving the impression of being islands in the ocean of cloud cover.


Oyama Observation Point is a 5 minute drive from Kifu no Sato. It is also possible to reach it by walking for about 1 hour, depending on your fitness level. Why not come to Yunogo to observe the staggering beauty of nature? If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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