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Yunogo Activities: Deer skin handicraft at 35R/kokochi

12,Aug 2015 Activities in Yunogo


35R / kokochi is a local shop in Mimasaka which sells antiques, curiosities, and an assortment of other goods, including deer skin products made with the skin of deer from the surrounding area. Here, it is also possible to try crafting small objects with deer skin, under the guidance of an expert. One can make objects such as screen cleaners, key rings, coin cases, and small purses, all using skin from local deer.

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Seasonal Delights: Introducing Kifu no Sato’s Autumn Standard Kaiseki Course

11,Aug 2015 Information

One of the main draws of staying in a traditional Japanese ryokan is undoubtedly the food. Here at Kifu no Sato, with a one night stay, one can enjoy a luxurious traditional Japanese kaiseki meal for dinner, as well as a refreshing breakfast the next day. All ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure that only the freshest produce of the highest quality is used. The menu is changed every season, and the chefs do their utmost to ensure that a meal that complements the atmosphere and brings out the best in the ingredients used is created.

Today, we would like to introduce Kifu no Sato’s autumn Standard Kaiseki dinner set, which will be served from 1 September 2015 to 5 November 2015.


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Kifu no Sato featured in Financial Times article

05,Aug 2015 Media

At the end of July, one of our guests, Caroline Daniel, had her article about her visit to Japan published in the Financial Times.

Caroline took a nine-day trip around various locations in rural Japan to indulge in traditional Japanese hospitality, and to savour the different experiences offered by the area’s recent artisan-led cultural tourism revival.

In the article, Caroline speaks of Kifu no Sato with fondness, acknowledging the ryokan’s hospitality and the draw of its onsen and kaiseki cuisine for local Japanese tourists. The ryokan was her stop for travelling to other areas to touch base with what the local establishments have to offer.

Returning from the day’s travels to reinvigorate herself in Kifu no Sato, the incorporation of furniture by Masayuki Oshima, a woodcraft artisan from neighbouring Nishiawakura, into Kifu no Sato’s interior decor does not go unnoticed by Caroline. She was also able to observe and attempt ikebana with Kifu no Sato’s ikebana master, Koyo Kuroda.

The full article can be found here, and below the cut is the segment concerning Kifu no Sato and the surrounding area. If any of the experiences (tours, locations, restaurants, etc.) mentioned are of interest, please do not hesitate to contact Kifu no Sato to inquire. We will do our best to arrange and accommodate your requests.

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Introduced in JETGALA magazine

31,May 2015 Media

Introduced in JETGALA magazine, May-July 2015 issue on luxury ryokan story.
JETGALA magazine

JETGALA magazine



Himeji Castle has just reopened!!

08,Apr 2015 Information, News

Himeji Castle, a world cultural heritage site, has reopened on 27 March after 5 years of preservation project.

Altough the cherry blossom season has finished, it is still worth visiting.

Kifu no Sato is located 1.5 hours away by car.

By train, you can take Super Hakuto limited express from Himeji station toward Tottori and get off at Sayo station. (about 35 minutes)

Free shuttle service available from Sayo Station to Kifu no Sato ryokan (about 30 min)


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