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Day Trip Ideas: Hirafuku

29,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas


Hirafuku is a quaint countryside town in the Sayo area that was first established in 1596. To this day, Hirafuku Town has maintained its architecture and town development shape as it originally appeared in the old days.

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Day trip ideas: Blueberry picking in Nishiawakura

28,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas

Pick-your-own farm experiences are an extremely popular activity in Japan, amongst locals and tourists alike. For a sum of money, usually about ¥800-¥3000 per person per hour depending on the fruit being picked, one can feast on the very best the season has to offer, right from the source. Today we would like to introduce Dandan Berry, a local farm in nearby Nishiawakura village, which offers pick-your-own experiences for blueberries.


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Day Trip Ideas: Mitaki-En

27,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas

Many people choose to come to Japan to indulge in the cuisine, or to reinvigorate themselves by soaking up the awe-inspiring sights of natural beauty. At Mitaki-en, a restaurant complex that is nestled amongst lush greenery and located on a mountain in Tottori prefecture, it is possible to do both.


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Day Trip Ideas: Katsuyama

23,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas


If you have visited Japan, or been to a Japanese establishment overseas, chances are that you have seen noren before. Noren are traditional Japanese dividers made from fabric, and they are usually dyed and have a special pattern or symbol on them. They come in various shapes and sizes, and have different uses, such as displaying a shop logo, protecting the storefront from the elements, or even preventing smoke and smells from escaping the kitchen to other areas.

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Day Trip Ideas: Kanba no Taki

20,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas

Located in a prefectural national park in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, Kanba Falls is a beautiful waterfall that has made it onto the list of top 100 Waterfalls in Japan.


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