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Day Trip Ideas: Ohara

09,Sep 2015 Day Trip Ideas


Ohara is another town in Okayama Prefecture that is home to beautiful Edo-period buildings, and retains much of its antique charm. Ohara claims to be the site of famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi’s birth; indisputably, it is where he lived for some years of his life. It is for this reason that Ohara is also dubbed ‘Musashi Village’.

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Day Trip Ideas: Tottori Sand Dunes

08,Sep 2015 Day Trip Ideas

Tottori is the capital city of Tottori Prefecture. Bordered by the sea of Japan to its north, some of its touristic highlights include great beaches, beautiful sea views, and fantastically fresh seafood; however, it is best known for the Tottori Sand Dunes, Japan’s only large dune system.


Having existed for over 100,000 years, standing on any part of the dunes and looking around at the expanse of sand stretching as far as the eye can see is an experience not to be missed if you visit Tottori. In the blink of an eye, people viewed from a distance seem to disappear into the sand as their silhouettes grow smaller as they get further. The wind carries the scent of the ocean on fresh breaths of breeze. One has to wonder in amazement at how the dunes came to be; how they achieved such a size and continue to exist to this day, attracting millions of awed tourists from Japan and other countries every year.

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Activities in Yunogo: Oyama Viewpoint

07,Sep 2015 Activities in Yunogo


Mountains provide an excellent vantage point from which to observe the changing of the seasons. Where better to observe the reds and oranges of autumn foliage creeping into the still-present summer landscape, than from a viewpoint at the top of a mountain?

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Activities in Yunogo: Pottery at Totogama

02,Sep 2015 Activities in Yunogo

Totogama is another shop run by artisans who offer their atelier to guests who want a chance to try out the craft. At Totogama, for a fee and a fraction of your day, you can give pottery a go under the amiable guidance of an experienced potter. This activity is suitable for people of all ages, and is also family-friendly and enjoyable.


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Day Trip Ideas: Hirafuku

29,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas


Hirafuku is a quaint countryside town in the Sayo area that was first established in 1596. To this day, Hirafuku Town has maintained its architecture and town development shape as it originally appeared in the old days.

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