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The ILTM(International Luxury Travel Market) Pre-tour takes place in Okayama

11,Mar 2013 News



We are privileged to have received a group of international buyers and media on Saturday 9 March, 2013 who are here to attend the first ever ILTM event to be held in Japan starting 11 March.

Sam Botros from Luxury Leisure, Australia commented,

“I had a great time staying with you as I felt right at home. Very warm welcome by all your staff and team…I can’t wait to be back again.”

Regarding our dinner, Lucy Jones, an editor from the Luxury Travel Magazine said,

“the best steak I have ever eaten.”

Thank you for choosing to come to Okayama. It was a great pleasure hosting you!

The New English Site Launched on 11 March 2013!

11,Mar 2013 News


Check out our new English website at www.kifunosato-ryokan.com.
We welcome many viewers from around the world and hope to inspire you to come and stay with us in Okayama.
Do browse the attraction section to find out what cannot be missed during your stay in Japan from the world-class art of Bizen pottery to the “Castle in the Sky” to the local premium beef steak!

Chosen as a quality luxury ryokan in the ILTM

08,Mar 2013 News



Kifu no Sato in Yunogo has been chosen as a quality luxury ryokan in Okayama to participate in the upcoming ILTM(International Luxury Travel Market) in Kyoto in March 2013. The ryokan, the home of seasonal melody, will introduce its own “samurai culture” tour at the event.

Two pretours have been organised by the Japan Tourism Agency and the one taking place in Okayama will bring the overseas guests to stay at our Kifu no Sato ryokan in Yunogo.

Samurai Tour

08,Mar 2013 Events & Tour




Kifu no Sato in the north of Okayama has been chosen as a quality luxury ryokan to participate in the ILTM(International Luxury Travel Market) in Kyoto in March 2013. The ryokan will introduce its own “samurai culture” tour at this event.

We offer a bespoke tour with an English-speaking guide visiting historical places such as the birthplace of the world-renowned samurai, Miyamoto Musashi. There one can see a demonstration of the martial art of iaido (sword-drawing techniques) as well as trying it for oneself. Okayama is famous for Osafune “sword” Town where one can learn how Japanese swords are made directly from the swordsmiths. Also the samurai aesthetic of “wabi sabi” is eloquently captured in Bizen Pottery which our guests (can try their hands at) under the guidance of a master. In addition, we provide a meal as eaten by warlords, a visit to a local sake brewery and for those who wish they can even put on samurai armor to get an insight into their intriguing history and culture.


Please go to the Attraction page for further information.

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