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The Firefly Festival

10,May 2013 News



We are excited about our next event “the Firefly Festival” taking place on 1 June, 2013.
Following their magical, mysterious lights cross-crossing the riverbanks is going to be one of
your most memorable summer nights to date! ?The Yoshino river is just a short stroll from our ryokan
and the fireflies can be seen from the end of May to mid-June.

Cherry Blossom Season

03,Apr 2013 News

cherry blossoms


cherry blossoms along the river

It’s the long-awaited cherry blossom season now! ?They should be in bloom for another 10 days or so.

Please come and see them how beautifully have painted the riverbanks pale pink.




Spring flowers

03,Apr 2013 News

White blossommagnolia-and-yellow-flower

Yes, we are all under the spell of these gorgeous and elegant blossoms. ?Spring is here at Kifu no Sato!




The countryside?alive with tradition!

21,Mar 2013 News


It was a 3-day event packed with action, meeting the buyers and media from around the world, which almost made me forget that I was in Japan!

During the whole event, we were trying to define what “luxury” meant. The discussion started in one of the seminars we attended with all the other Japanese exhibitors. The words by Everett Brown who is an advisor to government ministries to promote inbound tourism were most encouraging. In a nutshell, he said, “tourists can experience the living Japanese tradition through their interaction with elderly people in the countryside”. On the same note, Vinay Dube, senior vice president of Delta Air Lines related his episode with a taxi driver in Kyoto which epitomized what luxury meant to him. The cab driver offered to take him to a Zen temple 5 minutes away rather than driving him for 45 minutes to the requested one which would be too late to enter upon arrival. I thought to myself, if this is luxury, we have a good chance of expanding our business as we have a lot of potential for these kinds of spontaneous heart-to-heart exchanges in the countryside.

Thank you to all the buyers and everyone who came to talk to us during the event! Please keep in touch and from time to time check the news section on our website to find out what’s new in the Japanese luxury travel market!


The ILTM(International Luxury Travel Market) Pre-tour takes place in Okayama

11,Mar 2013 News



We are privileged to have received a group of international buyers and media on Saturday 9 March, 2013 who are here to attend the first ever ILTM event to be held in Japan starting 11 March.

Sam Botros from Luxury Leisure, Australia commented,

“I had a great time staying with you as I felt right at home. Very warm welcome by all your staff and team…I can’t wait to be back again.”

Regarding our dinner, Lucy Jones, an editor from the Luxury Travel Magazine said,

“the best steak I have ever eaten.”

Thank you for choosing to come to Okayama. It was a great pleasure hosting you!

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