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[2019] Seasonable Standard Kaiseki started ! ☆

08,Jun 2019 Information, News


From June! Our summer dishes already started ☆ This year, welcome with familiar menu

“Steamed and grilled sweet Abalone “

we will serve the summer season from mountain to beautiful sea in special 3 course

「Standard Kaiseki course」「Ryo yori shitsu no gozen course」「Luxury kaiseki zei no gozen course」




This is the best of Standard Summer Kaiseki at our ryokan Kifunosato,

「Seasonable Summer Kaiseki」 Abalone with Ice Dome Sashimi.

People who come to our ryokan for the first time and who were wondering which menu to choose!

At the first, We would like to recommend the following menu ☆

「Steamed Sweet Abalone」 certainly is the main dish and

「Ice dome sashimi」,「Lava stone Wagyu Steak」「Salt grilled Salmon」

you can enjoy well-balanced seafood and feel the Summer season from Mountain to beautiful sea.


Sashimi will be severed inside the ice dome is the traditional of the Summer at our ryokan.

when it was served, Sashimi will be covered by ice, making it impossible to see inside.

Must use an ice mallet and then you will taste it. If you are breakage the ice good,

You can open the ice window like this and then try to challenge by yourself.

However, sashimi wrap by ice is very cool and good taste.

Moreover, It is also a pleasure to enjoy Japanese popular lava steak the real pleasure of seasonal food.

Actually, you will enjoy with food prepared in front of you such as Okonomiyaki,

The sound of cooked food makes you unable to keep your appetite.



And continuously, these menus focused on quality rather than quantity that has been especially

popular among women. The concept of these courses is 「Delicious, little by little」

Seasonal food compared to meat dishes will use less oil and light food. If so,

Sashimi or food that uses vinegar the quality was upgraded. You can enjoy delicious food easily.

The Ice dome sashimi the quality of Cuttlefish, Raw sea urchin was upgraded.

Please enjoy with the taste and texture that is so sweet and melting in your mouth.




The most luxurious banquet room course in Kifunosato  Luxury kaiseki zei no gozen course

has a luxury that combines both of quantity and quality! Anyway, when you want to eat delicious food,

it is a recommended course for anniversaries and celebrations.It is full of dishes that you want to eat, such as

luxurious sashimi five varieties and Okayama’s brand beef or Chiya gyu beef.



Also, this summer of this year will serve the full of menus that the summer season from mountain to the beautiful sea. We look forward to welcoming you.

Ryo Kodomari’s Ceramic work

22,May 2019 Information, News


After staying the ceramics work of Kodomari Ryo receives many inquiries. This time, we would like to introduce the works in stock as of May 15, 2019. (Sunday)

Please contact us by phone if there are any works you are interested in.

We will deliver the product when payment has been received.(Only in Japan)

Contact us: +81-68-72-1523

In addition, when you are purchasing and shipping, the shipping fee and cash on delivery fee will be charged.

Thank you in advance.

・Shipping charge: 648 Yen (Only In Japan)

・Cash on delivery

Maximum 10,000 Yen 324 Yen

More than 10,000 Yen – less than 30,000 Yen   432 Yen

More than 30,000 Yen – less than 100,000 Yen   648 Yen

Works are contained in stock

                   Ceramics Bowl 3,780 yen (per piece)



                   Flower pot A 16,200 yen


                   Flower pot B 27,000 yen


                   Large bowl 21,600 yen


                   Large Bowl (Above)



Kodomari Ryo・Profile

1970 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture

1994 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Art University

2006 Set up a workshop in Nakijin village


HP here

Instagram here

Himeji Castle has just reopened!!

08,Apr 2015 Information, News

Himeji Castle, a world cultural heritage site, has reopened on 27 March after 5 years of preservation project.

Altough the cherry blossom season has finished, it is still worth visiting.

Kifu no Sato is located 1.5 hours away by car.

By train, you can take Super Hakuto limited express from Himeji station toward Tottori and get off at Sayo station. (about 35 minutes)

Free shuttle service available from Sayo Station to Kifu no Sato ryokan (about 30 min)


At a Karacho’s Karakami (woodblock-printed paper) workshop

23,Sep 2013 News

Next time you visit our ryokan, please ask us about the golden panel covering the wall just behind our reception desk.? The story that this mesmerizingly beautiful piece of art tells goes a couple of centuries back in time.? The karakami artists, Akihiko Toto and his wife Aiko Senda are the 11th generation of the karakami maker whose workshop was established in Kyoto in 1624, now the only one of its kind left in Japan.


Before the workshop, Mr. Toto talked about the essential difference between a design made of various patterns which just looks good and a monyo, a symbolic pattern of each karakami woodblock.? Monyo is a deep prayer, Mr. Toto says.? Each monyo has a meaning reflecting Japanese ancient spiritualism where people believe that, in each and every thing that surrounds them in their natural environment, there lives a spirit or a god.? All the monyo, therefore, are positive and are made to bring good fortune and everlasting happiness into one’s life.? During his talk, Mr. Toto directed everyone’s attention to the light that the mica mixed in the pigments was giving off.? “This sparkling light will always be there.“

The process of printing a paper was simple enough for a 3 year-old, but again, it is about how deep your prayer is accompanying every move from brushing the pigment onto the mesh sieve, pressing the paper onto the woodblock to finally lifting the paper off the block.? In today’s workshop, we made a paper to hold an offering for our ancestors in preparation for the traditional Obon festival, a time every year to remember and honour our ancestors.

For me, the workshop was not just about printing a pretty piece of paper but inspired me to live with heightened awareness and a deeper sense of appreciation for everything around us.? There were many gems in Mr. Toto’s words which were the keys to how every one of us can make our ordinary life into an extraordinary one from NOW!

IMG_2684 DSC_0949


Just been awarded once again!

30,Jun 2013 News

award winning ryokan

Kifu no Sato Ryokan has been awarded again (for the 7th time) in 3 categories by JTB as one of the best hotels and ryokans in Japan for the Year 2012!

We won the awards in the Service, Cuisine and the General (overall) categories. These awards directly reflect the guests’ evaluations on the?questionnaires. Thank you very much for everyone’s support. We feel extremely honored to be chosen for these awards and promise to make further efforts to provide our guests the one-of-a-kind luxury experience at our ryokan.

from all the staff at Kifu no Sato Ryokan

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