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Day Trip Ideas: Hirafuku

29,Aug 2015 Day Trip Ideas


Hirafuku is a quaint countryside town in the Sayo area that was first established in 1596. To this day, Hirafuku Town has maintained its architecture and town development shape as it originally appeared in the old days.


Running past the town is the Sayo river, which is wonderful to stroll next to as it provides a cooling effect. Looking at the town’s architecture from across the river also enhances the beauty of the town, giving it a different perspective. On a fine day, the perfectly still water holds a reflection of the buildings, the clouds, and the clear sky – a truly picturesque view.


Easily accessible from Hirafuku Town are other sights of great interest and beauty, such as the remnants of Rikan Castle; Hiryuu Waterfall, and a sunflower field during sunflower blooming season. Hirafuku is also famous for allegedly being home to the location of legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi’s first duel. It is a peaceful area of great beauty, untouched by overdevelopment and full of nostalgia. Other than the great sights, nearby Hirafuku is a roadside shop complex that sells local specialities that are of great renown, such as deer croquettes and konnyaku soft serve ice cream.


It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Kifu no Sato to Hirafuku Town, and about 1.5 hours to reach it by public transport. Why not immerse yourself in countryside life for a few hours, or a day? If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Kifu no Sato.

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